Cortinarius oliveopetasatus

Cortinarius oliveopetasatus is one of a few olive, yellow-brown phlegmaciod Cortinarius in the Sulfurini lineage (in Section Calochroi). It should be differentiated from C.luteicolor and C.subsulfurinus.

Cortinarius microspermus

Cortinarius microspermus J.E. Lange, Flora Agaricina Danica 5: iii (1940) [MB#271088] Description:Cap 35 - 50 mm wide, pileus tawny yellow to red-brown on the disc, margin cream to white, viscid, gills pale clay-colored then milky-coffee to light ochre, stipe 30 - 80 mm long, 8 - 15 mm at apex, white or creamy-yellow with white... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius alboviolaceus (group)

Cortinarius alboviolaceus (Pers.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 280 (1838) [MB#199674] Description:Cap 20 - 70 mm wide, viscid to dry, convex to plane with undulating margin, color variable ranging from silvery white to grey to lavender-gray, tan to yellow-ochre center common in mature specimens, cap margin slightly upturned and thin appearing paler than cap, covered in... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius violaceus

Cortinarius violaceus (L.) Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 628 (1821)  Description:Cap 40 - 150 mm wide, convex, dry, covered with velvety tufts or scales, giving a furred appearance, dark violet to deep purple, stipe 60 - 150 mm long, 10 - 20 mm wide at apex, clavate cortina purple, sparse, flesh deep... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius pini

Cortinarius pini Brandrud, Edinburgh Journal of Botany 53: 360 (1996) SDA 621 Cortinarius pini Description:Cap 15-55 mm across, thinly viscid, to dry with adhering debris, yellow-brown with paler margin (cinnamon rufous to cinnamon buff), hygrophanous blotches and streaks towards margin stipe 50-80 mm long, 7-11 mm thick at apex, sub-clavate, with pallid to cinnamon brown... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius albescens

Cortinarius albescens A.H. Sm., Lloydia 7 (3): 180 (1944) [MB#285690] Description:Cap 25-90 mm across, at first convex with broad umbo, spreading to plane, glutinous, variable in color from violaceous grey, buff, drab, cream to yellow-ochre on disc, cortina white, gills lavender, grayish-lavender, grey to cinnamon-brown, lavender tones may persist, stipe 50 - 120 mm long, 6 - 14 mm wide at... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius boulderensis

Cortinarius boulderensis (Cortinarius boulderensis A.H. Sm., Lloydia 7 (3): 206 (1944) [MB#285705] Discussion:Cortinarius boulderensis is a small and slender mushroom, notable for its vinaceous brown tones and bright cinnamon-orange annular band. It is in Section Telamonia. Placement in Telamonia sensu strictu by Soop, Dima, Cooper et al. "A Phylogenetic approach to a global supraspecific taxonomy... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius seidliae

Cortinarius seidliae Ammirati, Niskanen & Liimat. (2015)Discussion:Cortinarius seidliae is a relatively common species in the Pacific Northwest. It falls into Section Defibulati, along with Cortinarius vanduzerensis and C. mucifluus. Species in this section are medium to large with glutinous cap and stipe. Microscopy is important; they have large amygdaliform to citriform spores and no clamp... Continue Reading →

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