Cortinarius clintonianus

In young state, Cortinarius clintonianus should be clearly recognizable as an Anomali - it has typical pallid brownish colors on the dry cap and lilac young gills and upper stipe. However, photographed collections show that the lilac phase is not always visible, or may be transient. Gills of young specimens may appear more pallid, greyish or even clay colored.

Cortinarius kranabetteri

Cortinarius kranabetteriĀ Niskanen, Liimat., Harrower, Ammirati & Dima (2021) Discussion Cortinarius kranabetteri was named in honor of Marty Kranabetter, fungal ecologist of British Columbia, Canada. It is known from only two collections from Northern BC and Alberta, CA where it is was found in mature conifer or mixed forests with Populus. A full description may be... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius albidipes

Cortinarius albidipes Peck, Bulletin of the New York State Museum 157: 57 (1912) Note: This is a Peck species included in a recent Type study of Section Anomali. I refer you to their description until I have time to document recent collections more fully. Description: Named as the "white footed" Cortinarius, the species is distinct... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius barlowensis

Cortinarius barlowensis Ammirati, Berbee, Harrower, Liimatainen & Niskanen: 1 (2014)  Collection: Steve Trudell - SAT-09-261-14Location: Spruce-hemlock forest, with alder, Sitka, Alaska Description published in Index Fungorum 93: Cortinarius barlowensis Ammirati, Berbee, Harrower, Liimatainen & Niskanen, in Joe Ammirati, Mary Berbee, Emma Harrower, Kare Liimatainen & Tuula Niskanen, sp.nov. IF550403 With an ITS sequence (GenBank no.... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius caesiifolius

Cortinarius caesiifolius A.H. Sm. (1939)Section anomaliCollected by: Steve Trudell, Shannon AdamsColl #: SAT-13-298-15, SDA 671, SDA 648Photograph: Steve TrudellLocation: Mixed conifer forest, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon and WA State SDA 671 WA State Notes: This is a relatively common and fairly distinctive PNW member of Section Anomali. An upcoming paper will stabilize the names... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius perviolaceus

Collection date: August 13, 2017Collector: Shannon AdamsLocation: Gale Road, Arthur Iverson Conservation Area, Franklin, MAHabitat: Mixed woods, mostly hemlock, some beech, oak and White pine Description: Pileus: 15-17mm across.  Lilac gray, pallid, center of disk fading to tan-grey and margin remaining lilac.  Flesh: Grey-tan with purple tones, darker interior, out layer of flesh paler, white.... Continue Reading →

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