Cortinarius caesiifolius

Cortinarius caesiifolius A.H. Sm. (1939)
Section anomali
Collected by: Steve Trudell, Shannon Adams
Coll #: SAT-13-298-15, SDA 671, SDA 648
Photograph: Steve Trudell
Location: Mixed conifer forest, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon and WA State

SDA 671 WA State

Notes: This is a relatively common and fairly distinctive PNW member of Section Anomali. An upcoming paper will stabilize the names in this section. The three collections here vary by 2 base pairs in a way that looks like a read interpretation (3 vs 4 bases repeated). North American species in section Anomali include at least 9 species:

  • Cortinarius anomelovelatus
  • Cortinarius anomalus
  • Cortinarius barlowensis
  • Cortinarius caninus
  • Cortinarius sericeolazulinus
  • And several undescribed species


Type: USA, Washington, Olympic National Park, Olympic Hot Springs, 19 Oct 1935, A. H. Smith, AHS3227 (holotype MICH 10326). GenBank ITS: MZ580462.

This collection is 99.5% similar to the type with one base pair of difference and 2 gaps.



Dima, B., Liimatainen, K., Niskanen, T. et al. Type studies and fourteen new North American species of Cortinarius section Anomali reveal high continental species diversity. Mycol Progress 20, 1399–1439 (2021).

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