Cortinarius talimultiformis

Cortinarius talimultiformis is fairly typical of /Multiformes in the yellow-brown cap, relatively squat stature, white to grey-white young gills and white context. The species in this section are hard to differentiate - . While the type description differentiates Cortinarius talus (deciduous forest) from Cortinarius talimultiformes (Picea and Abies) on the basis of habitat, in our region Cortinarius talus is found in conifer forest too.

Cortinarius rufoallutus

Cortinarius rufoallutus ((Rob. Henry ex Bidaud & Reumaux), Atlas des Cortinaires 16: 1095 (2006) Collection Description (NS3391) - USA Washington State:Cap 35-89 mm across, with a grayish bloom when young, rugose, more orange and thinly viscid in age, stipe 39-65 mm long, 12-15 mm thick at apex, base slightly bulbous with a short abrupt top,... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius talus

Cortinarius talus Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 263 (1838) Collections: SDA353 and NS3323Collected by: Noah Siegel & Shannon AdamsLocation: Skykomish, WAHabitat: Abies and TsugaDate: October, 2018Description: Cap: 28-55 mm across, cream to buff. Flesh: plain creamy white, firm. Stipe: 34-44 mm long and 11-17mm wide at stipe apex, abrupt bulb 13mm Lamellae: cream Analysis: Match to... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius multiformis

Cortinarius multiformis Fries, Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 263 (1838)Collection date: October 13, 2018Collector: Shannon AdamsLocation:Skykomish area, WA, USA.Habitat: Willow, Abies, Mountain Hemlock, Western Hemlock Description: Pileus: 35-90mm across, dry, hydrophanous. Cinnamon buff to clay colored in cap center Cap rich yellow ochre, uniform in color with finely roughened texture. Mildly viscid. Flesh: White, silvery flesh Lamellae:... Continue Reading →

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