Cortinarius multiformis

Cortinarius multiformis Fries, Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 263 (1838)
Collection date:
October 13, 2018
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location:Skykomish area, WA, USA.
Habitat: Willow, Abies, Mountain Hemlock, Western Hemlock


Pileus: 35-90mm across, dry, hydrophanous. Cinnamon buff to clay colored in cap center Cap rich yellow ochre, uniform in color with finely roughened texture. Mildly viscid.

Flesh: White, silvery flesh Lamellae: White to pallid with cinnamon spore deposit. Cortina: White, sparse. Stipe: 38-67mm tall. 9-15mm wide at stipe apex. Marginate to rounded bulb, 18-25mm across. KOH: Warm brown on cap.


The Cortinarius multiformis neotype is Genbank KF732350 which was published in Liimatainen and Niskanen et al (2014) Type study.  This sequence has 99%+ match – 1 base pair of difference over 652 pairs.  The query sequence was longer than the neotype so had only 79% query cover.

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