Cortinarius cupreorufus

Cortinarius cupreorufus Brandrud, Cortinarius. Flora photographica 3: 27 (1994) DescriptionCap: 30-100mm, convex to plano-convex, margin inrolled to decurved, viscid, colors mutable with age and exposure - at first yellowish-grey to olive-grey, sometimes mottled lilac-grey, disc darkening to warm brown to rich red-brown with buffer of yellow ochre, scales and patches in center of disc when... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius putorius

Niskanen, Liimat. & Ammirati, Fungal diversity 75: 222 (2015) Description: Cap: 30-90mm wide, broadly convex to plane, pale purple-lilac when young, to almost white, viscid in moist conditions. Gills: purple when young, becoming dark purple to dark brown. Stipe: 50-130mm long, 6-10mm at stipe apex, clavate to equal, pale purple to whitish covered with abundant... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius oliveopetasatus

Cortinarius oliveopetasatus is one of a few olive, yellow-brown phlegmaciod Cortinarius in the Sulfurini lineage (in Section Calochroi). It should be differentiated from C.luteicolor and C.subsulfurinus.

Cortinarius metarius

Cortinarius metarius Kauffman, Pap. Mich. Acad. Sci. 1: 137 (1921)Synonym: Cortinarius barbarorum (Source: Liimatainen et. al. 2014) Description:Cap 45-100 mm across, convex to nearly plane, glutinous, golden yellow, aging ochraceus yellow, disc with brownish veil squamules. Gills adnexed, close to crowded, 4-8 mm deep, pale lilac to lilac when young, to lilac gray, developing grayish brown tones when mature. Stipe 75-110... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius alboglobosus

Cortinarius alboglobosus Kytöv., Liimat., Niskanen & Ammirati, Index Fungorum 186: 1 Description:Cap 35 - 110 mm across, convex to broadly convex, dry, at first white and finely fibrillose with with pinkish-ochre tones, becoming buff then pale ochre to pale brown, often with cracks and scales forming, gills light clay colored to tan and cinnamon brown,... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius elegantio-occidentalis

Cortinarius elegantio-occidentalis Garnica & Ammirati: 13 + Additional file 3: 23 (2011) Description:Cap 40 - 150 mm wide, smooth to radially fibrillose, yellow-ochre, olive-yellow to yellow-brown in age, edge and disc lighter (yellow to buff) viscid at first, then dry, gills pale yellow to olive then ochre brown when mature, stipe bulbous, 55 - 100... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius collinitus group

Cortinarius collinitus (Sowerby) Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 628 (1821) [MB#225177] DescriptionCap 30 - 75 mm, convex with obtuse umbo, viscid, slimy, ochre to dark red-brown when moist, paler at margin, drying to brassy yellow-brown to yellow-ochre at margin, sometimes with darker brown blotches, Gills greyish, cream, to pale brown, later cinnamon... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius microspermus

Cortinarius microspermus J.E. Lange, Flora Agaricina Danica 5: iii (1940) [MB#271088] Description:Cap 35 - 50 mm wide, pileus tawny yellow to red-brown on the disc, margin cream to white, viscid, gills pale clay-colored then milky-coffee to light ochre, stipe 30 - 80 mm long, 8 - 15 mm at apex, white or creamy-yellow with white... Continue Reading →

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