Cortinarius collinitus group

Cortinarius collinitus (Sowerby) Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 628 (1821) [MB#225177] DescriptionCap 30 - 75 mm, convex with obtuse umbo, viscid, slimy, ochre to dark red-brown when moist, paler at margin, drying to brassy yellow-brown to yellow-ochre at margin, sometimes with darker brown blotches, Gills greyish, cream, to pale brown, later cinnamon... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius pinguis (SDA 278)

Cortinarius pinguis (Zeller) Peintner & M.M. Moser, Mycotaxon 81: 181 (2002) Description: Pileus: 20-50mm across, rounded convex cap connecting to stipe with heavy membrane, to create a round enclosed ball without visible lamellae. Incurved margins folded or wrinkled at lower margin. Dark olive, tawny to creamy olivaceous yellow. ¬†Veil: Purple glutinous veil sometimes observed in moist conditions.¬†Flesh:... Continue Reading →

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