Cortinarius pinguis (SDA 278)

Cortinarius pinguis (Zeller) Peintner & M.M. Moser, Mycotaxon 81: 181 (2002)

Pileus: 20-50mm across, rounded convex cap connecting to stipe with heavy membrane, to create a round enclosed ball without visible lamellae. Incurved margins folded or wrinkled at lower margin. Dark olive, tawny to creamy olivaceous yellow.  Veil: Purple glutinous veil sometimes observed in moist conditions. Flesh: Creamy white when young to creamy yellow in maturity, or white with yellow and tan patches. Occasionally pale lilac tones in upper stipe context. Over time, stipe detaches from the cap and spore bearing tissue.  Lamellae: Instead of gills, the spore-bearing tissue is a dense, firm spongy mass, sandy to tan color. Stipe: 25-42mm long and 5-10mm wide at stipe apex. Clavate, with a small rim near the base where the glutinous veil attaches.

The viscid veil and lilac tones provide clues to the fact that this species is in Section Myxacium.

>SDA 484-31008081 – WA

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