Cortinarius casimiri (SDA 018)

Cortinarius casimiri (Velen.) Huijsman, Fungus 25: 20 (1955) 

Collection date: November 4, 2016
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: Discovery Park, Seattle WA, USA
Habitat: Pseudotsuga menziesii other conifers, including introduced species.


Pileus: 15-50mm across.  Dull brown with white fibrils.  Umbonate.  Flesh: Tan, pale cream at base and at stipe apex but hollow at mid stipe (in maturity) with darker brown bands of flesh. Lamellae: clay to dull ochre. Cortina: white. Stipe: 30-80mm long, 4-7.5mm at cap apex.Red-brown.  Covered in dense sheath of white fibrillose material. Equal to clavate.


A 99% match (with 90% query cover) for sequence reference FN429013. This is the species reference selected by Ursula Peinter on UNITE.  Only 1 base pair of difference over 507 pairs

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