Cortinarius subolivascens (SDA 023)

Cortinarius subolivascens A.H.Smith., Lloydia 7 (3): 183 (1944)
Collection date: April 29, 201
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: White Chuck Overlook Picnic Area, Mountain Loop Hwy, Snohomish, WA
Habitat: On Ground under young Douglas fir, alder, hemlock


Pileus: 40-60mm across. Yellow-ochre to olive pileus with hydrophanous brown blotches and radial streaks, fading to tan. Surface moist and tacky, likely viscid when wet.  Flesh: Cream with grey and yellow-grey flecks in the stipe and cap context. Pale yellow cap flesh.  Lamellae: buff to pale cinnamon brown. Stipe: 45-70mm long, 8-10 mm at cap apex. Pale yellow-cream with blue-grey to olive tones in some specimens.


A 99% match to Cortinarius subolivascens MICH 10418 ITS region; from TYPE material (NR_130269).  Type published by Liimatainen et al “The largest type study of Agaricales species to date: bringing identification and nomenclature of Phlegmacium (Cortinarius) into the DNA era”

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