Cortinarius truckeensis (SDA 047)

Cortinarius truckeensis Bojantchev, Mycotaxon123: 387 (2013)

Collection date: June 3, 2017
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: Blewett Pass, North Side, Chelan County, WA
Habitat: Mixed silver fir and ponderosa pine


Pileus: 65-82 mm across. Creamy white Habit: Clustered to clumped only emerging slightly above surface layer of dry duff.  Flesh: Off-white to cream with silky sheen on cut flesh. Lamellae: Brick red. Cortina: none visible. Stipe: 75-105mm long, 20-32mm wide at cap apex.  Equal to clavate. KOH: No visible reaction.

100% match with 92% query cover to Cortinarius truckeensis UC 1861353 ITS region; from TYPE material [NR_157886]

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