Cortinarius roseobulbus (NS2429)

Cortinarius roseobulbus M.M. Moser, Sydowia 49 (1): 31 (1997)

Collection date: 16 November, 2017
Collector: Noah Siegel
Location: Boise Creek Campground, Willow Creek, CA
Habitat: Oak, madrone and Douglas-fir


Pileus: 99 mm across. Stipe: 67 mm long and 20 mm thick at apex, 44 mm bulb. Base: mycelium and base of pink color with pink rhizomorphs.

The pink base and mycelium are a distinctive feature.


Analysis: 99% match (703/704 base pairs, with one gap) at 91% query cover to NR_131802.1 Cortinarius roseobulbus ITS region; from TYPE material, published in Garnica,S., Weiss,M., Oertel,B., Ammirati,J. and Oberwinkler,F: “Phylogenetic relationships in Cortinarius, section Calochroi, inferred from nuclear DNA sequences”, JOURNAL BMC Evol. Biol. 9, 1 (2009)

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