Cortinarius magnivelatus (SDA 040)

Cortinarius magnivelatus – Dearn. ex Fogel, Mycologia 86 (6): 797 (1995)

Collection date: May 28, 2017
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: Lake Almanor area, CA
Habitat: Mixed fir (white fir, ponderosa pine)


Pileus: 39-55mm across.  Bright white developing yellowish tan stains. Flesh: Off-white with faint tan stain. Taste: Mild to slightly sweet.  Lamellae: Pallid when young, developing rusty tones in maturity. Veil: Thick, membranous, white veil persisting through maturity. Stipe: Creamy white, mostly dirt encrusted. 19-38mm at stipe apex. 17-21mm at widest point. KOH: Slightly yellow on flesh.


Analysis: I have not found the type of Cortinarius magnivelatus publicly available.  However, the relatively short sequence I have from this collection matches several magnivelatus collections as well as being close to a sequence for the type collection of Cortinarius wieberi. It also matches the description of the species. Work is needed to clarify the velate species in our region.

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