Cortinarius deceptivus (SDA 065)

Cortinarius deceptivus Kauffman (1907)

Section: Anomali
Collection date: August 13, 2017
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: Franklin County, MA
Habitat: Mixed woods, mostly hemlock, some beech, oak and White pine


Pileus: 17-50mm across.  Furry or finely scaly, flesh creamy yellow-lilac blend in middle of cap and more taupe in cap margins. Younger specimens are more generally purple – still in very muted tones and having strongly matte appearance.  Flesh: Creamy center on mature specimens with grey-lilac flesh margins (outer layer). In younger sometimes the lilac flesh is in patches or isolated to the cap or uper stipe. Over time, a dark line of purple develops between lamellae and cap flesh. Lamellae: Dull purple to grey-violet. Cortina: None observed. Stipe: 32-78mm long, 5-10mm at stipe apex. Silvery white with brown traces of cortina colored with spores. Equal with clavate stipe, or slightly swollen base.


Confirmed as C.deceptivus when run against private collections. Sequence is  partial, but 435 bp is perfect match to C.deceptivus.

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