Cortinarius perviolaceus

Collection date: August 13, 2017
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: Gale Road, Arthur Iverson Conservation Area, Franklin, MA
Habitat: Mixed woods, mostly hemlock, some beech, oak and White pine


Pileus: 15-17mm across.  Lilac gray, pallid, center of disk fading to tan-grey and margin remaining lilac.  Flesh: Grey-tan with purple tones, darker interior, out layer of flesh paler, white. Odor: Slightly raphinoid. Lamellae: Pale lilac, clay color on younger specimen to a light orange-brown on mature fruitbodies. Stipe: Light grey-cream at base with increasing grey-lilac tones towards apex.  Shiny surface with fibrillose cortina remnants. 39-48mm long, 3-4mm wide at stipe apex. Equal to clavate.


Analysis. Sequence confirmed as species in anomali by Dima who described these as the most common small, purple East Coast Cortinarius in the anomali clade.

A second collection (SDA 062) in the same area may be mixed. Some of these paler specimens showed white cortina material and are likely the same species.

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