Cortinarius causticus

Cortinarius causticus is one of the most common species in section Vibratiles in the Pacific Northwest. It can be recognized by the viscid ochraceous-tawny cap with bitter cuticle, small stature with relatively long, slender, sheathed stipe and yellow context.

Cortinarius oregonensis

Cortinarius oregonensis is a relatively common mid to late-fall species in Washington state. Its pale cap with yellow disc, lilac young gills and viscidity should make it relatively easy to identify.

Cortinarius subsulfurinus

Cortinarius subsulfurinus Ammirati, Dima, Liimat., Nisikanen & Garnica, Index Fungorum 252: 1 (2015) Cortinarius subsulfurinus is one of several yellow-green Phlegmaciod species which occur in the Pacific Northwest. It is in section Calochroi. The name refers to it's close relationship to Cortinarius sulfurinus, a species described from Europe and not known to occur here. Description... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius cupreorufus

Cortinarius cupreorufus Brandrud, Cortinarius. Flora photographica 3: 27 (1994) DescriptionCap: 30-100mm, convex to plano-convex, margin inrolled to decurved, viscid, colors mutable with age and exposure - at first yellowish-grey to olive-grey, sometimes mottled lilac-grey, disc darkening to warm brown to rich red-brown with buffer of yellow ochre, scales and patches in center of disc when... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius putorius

Niskanen, Liimat. & Ammirati, Fungal diversity 75: 222 (2015) Description: Cap: 30-90mm wide, broadly convex to plane, pale purple-lilac when young, to almost white, viscid in moist conditions. Gills: purple when young, becoming dark purple to dark brown. Stipe: 50-130mm long, 6-10mm at stipe apex, clavate to equal, pale purple to whitish covered with abundant... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius oliveopetasatus

Cortinarius oliveopetasatus is one of a few olive, yellow-brown phlegmaciod Cortinarius in the Sulfurini lineage (in Section Calochroi). It should be differentiated from C.luteicolor and C.subsulfurinus.

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