Cortinarius nettieae

Cortinarius nettieae Ammirati, C.L. Cripps, Liimat., Niskanen & Dima, Mycological Progress 20 (11): 1427 (2021)

Note: This is a recently described species, named for the late Nettie Laycock. I refer you to the type description until I have time to detail these collections fully.


For full description see:



It is worth reading about the phylogenetics of C.nettieae vs others in sub-section Tabularis (of which it is part) for interesting discussion of the way genetics factors into species ID. This species has a low degree of difference to other species in the section but a high degree of consistency (very low intraspecific variation). Indeed, my sequence is an exact match to the type MZ580442.1

>SDA788 Cortinarius nettieae


Dima B. et al., “Type Studies and Fourteen New North American Species of Cortinarius Section Anomali Reveal High Continental Species Diversity,” Mycological Progress 20, no. 11 (November 2021): 1399–1439,

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