Calonarius aglaeus

Calonarius aglaeus is in subgenus Fulvi, section Splendentes (Liimatainen et al. 2022). The yellow-brown cap colors and bright gills and stipe are key featu

Cortinarius subfoetens

Cortinarius subfoetens / Phlegmacium subfoetens is a relatively widespread species in Phlegmacium section Glaucopodes. It has very pale lilac young gills and a variable yellow-brown to greenish-brown cap with in-rolled margin, and bulbous base.

Cortinarius talimultiformis

Cortinarius talimultiformis is fairly typical of /Multiformes in the yellow-brown cap, relatively squat stature, white to grey-white young gills and white context. The species in this section are hard to differentiate - . While the type description differentiates Cortinarius talus (deciduous forest) from Cortinarius talimultiformes (Picea and Abies) on the basis of habitat, in our region Cortinarius talus is found in conifer forest too.

Cortinarius camphoratus

Cortinarius camphoratus (Fr.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 280 (1838) Discussion:Cortinarius camphoratus is a relatively common species in the Pacific-Northwest, recognized by it's larger size, lilac to almost-white color, non-viscid cuticle and heavy lilac to white veil. The species has a distinctive and unpleasant odor described as rotten potatoes. If you are able to detect it,... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius leucophanes

 Cortinarius leucophanes P. Karst., Meddelanden af Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 6: 3 (1881) Description Cap 12-40 mm across, viscid, cream to white with yellow-ocher disc, slight grey to tan concentric pattern, cortina white, gills pallid, stipe: 23-56 mm long, 4-8 mm thick at apex, flesh off-white, becoming orange-brown, odor and taste indistinct, KOH... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius riederi

Cortinarius riederi (Weinm.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 259 (1838) Description: Pileus: 48-72mm across. Cinnamon drab in center of cap to light cinnamon drab at cap margin. Margin with watery marks and dark fibrillose pattern, but no raised fibrils. Flesh: White to cream with thin layer of mottled lavender gray under surface of stipe and behind... Continue Reading →

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