Cortinarius calyptratus

Cortinarius calyptratus A.H. Sm. (1939)Collection date: 20th October, 2018Collector: Shannon AdamsCollection ID: SDA 401Location: Buck Creek, Mt Rainier, WAHabitat: Mature forest with old growth component.Western Hemlock, fir and Douglas Fir. Description: Pileus: 39-60mm wide, purple-grey to brown tones, appressed fibrillose, covered in patches of lavender-grey veil tissue.  Flesh: light-yellow in cap and bulb and blue-lilac under... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius bivelus

Cortinarius bivelus (Fr.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 292 (1838) Location: Crescent Lake Trail, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Habitat: Growing under birch with aspen and spruce nearby. Collection Date: 27th August, 2014Collector: Noah SiegelCollection Reference: AKFF-116-14 Description:Pileus: Beige to light brown streaked. Gills: clay to warm-tan colored. Cortina: thick white partial veil. Taste/Odor: no odor, sweet taste. ITS:This... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius davemallochii

 Cortinarius davemallochii, Ammirati, Niskanen & Liimat., Index Fungorum 196: 2 (2014) Location: Girdwood, Alaska.Habitat:  Scattered in sphagnum bog, with Dwarf Birch. Collection Date: Aug 26th, 2014   Collector: Noah SiegelCollection ID: NS1876 Description:Pileus: 20-32 mm across, dingy dark orange brown to dark brown. Gills: Pale olive. Flesh: dark. Stipe: 40-52 mm long, 2-5 mm thick, with dark appressed cortina remnants and... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius caput-medusae (AKFF-115-14)

Cortinarius caput-medusae H. Lindstr., Cortinarius. Flora photographica 4: 20 (1998)  Collection date: 27-Aug-2014Location: Crescent Lake Trail, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Collector: Noah Siegel Description: Pileus: Brown with some olive tones and virgate streaks when young. Stipe: Pink staining on lower stipe. Odor slight radish/earthy, taste mild. Growing under birch, aspen and spruce. ITS> Sequence is a 100%... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius multiformis

Cortinarius multiformis Fries, Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 263 (1838)Collection date: October 13, 2018Collector: Shannon AdamsLocation:Skykomish area, WA, USA.Habitat: Willow, Abies, Mountain Hemlock, Western Hemlock Description: Pileus: 35-90mm across, dry, hydrophanous. Cinnamon buff to clay colored in cap center Cap rich yellow ochre, uniform in color with finely roughened texture. Mildly viscid. Flesh: White, silvery flesh Lamellae:... Continue Reading →

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