Cortinarius anomalodelicatus

Cortinarius anomalodelicatus Ammirati, Liimat., Niskanen & Dima (2021)


Cap: Dry, greyish lilac, buff to tan, 20-45 mm across. Gills: Greyish-lilac to dull grey-brown, later tan or light brown. Stipe: Silvery grey with lilac at upper stipe, to tan or brown in age, slender, equal to clavate: 55-74 mm long and 4-6 mm wide at stipe apex. Veil: Light yellow, forming veil girdles observed on lower stipe in young specimens (if you are careful not to handle the stipe. If so, this diagnostic feature is lost). Spores: 8.5 × 6.7 μm, broadly ellipsoid, ellipsoid, subgloboid.

Ecology and distribution: Known from Colorado, Alaska and Washington state in Picea and mixed conifer forest. Likely occurs across a relatively broad range.


Cortinarius anomalodelicatus is a relatively small and slender anomali that is primarily known from the Western USA, Rockies and Alaska. It can be differentiated from many other Anomali on the basis of stature and from Cortinarius anomalovelatus by having fewer floccose veil remnants on the stipe, and veil bands being yellowish rather than white or buff. Cortinarius anomalovelatus also has brighter, violet lamellae and flesh tones, and less brown on the cap.

NS3415: Cortinarius anomalodelicatus from Buck Creek, near Mt Rainier WA. Oct 2018

ITS Analysis

Cortinarius anomalodelicatus is in section Anomali of which there are at least 28 described species and 10+ known undescribed species (Dima et al, 2021).

>NS_3415_ITS Cortinarius anomalodelicatus


Bálint Dima et al., “Type Studies and Fourteen New North American Species of Cortinarius Section Anomali Reveal High Continental Species Diversity,” Mycological Progress 20, no. 11 (November 2021): 1399–1439,

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