Cortinarius talus

Cortinarius talus Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 263 (1838)

Collections: SDA353 and NS3323
Collected by: Noah Siegel & Shannon Adams
Location: Skykomish, WA
Habitat: Abies and Tsuga
Date: October, 2018

Cap: 28-55 mm across, cream to buff. Flesh: plain creamy white, firm. Stipe: 34-44 mm long and 11-17mm wide at stipe apex, abrupt bulb 13mm Lamellae: cream

Analysis: Match to KF732457 – Cortinarius talus neotype, published in Liimatainen et al (2014):

The largest type study of Agaricales species to date: bringing
            identification and nomenclature of Phlegmacium (Cortinarius) into
            the DNA era
  JOURNAL   Persoonia 33, 98-140 (2014)
SDA688 Shore Pine on WA Coast – SEQUENCED
SDA792 UNSEQUENCED (Close to other shore pine collection site)

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