Cortinarius barlowensis

Cortinarius barlowensis Ammirati, Berbee, Harrower, Liimatainen & Niskanen: 1 (2014) 
Collection: Steve Trudell – SAT-09-261-14
Location: Spruce-hemlock forest, with alder, Sitka, Alaska

Description published in Index Fungorum 93: Cortinarius barlowensis Ammirati, Berbee, Harrower, Liimatainen & Niskanen, in Joe Ammirati, Mary Berbee, Emma Harrower, Kare Liimatainen & Tuula Niskanen, sp.nov.
With an ITS sequence (GenBank no. FJ717554 Holotype JFA13140 WTU) that is distinct from other members of the section Anomali and deviating from the closest relatives, i.e. C. sp. (GenBank no. FR852019) in the ITS region by more than 15 substitutions and indel positions. Slender habit, bluish violaceous to grayish brown pileus, violaceous lamellae and stipe apex, thin yellowish buff veil bands on the stipe and large, ellipsoid basidiospores 7.5–11.8 x 5.9–7.0 µm) separate it from other species in section Anomali.
Holotype Snohomish County. Barlow Pass, 25 August 2007, JFA 13140 (WTU).

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