Cortinarius evernius

Cortinarius evernius (Fr.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 294 (1838)
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: West Virginia
Collection Notes: Pileus 26-70mm, hygrophanous, dry, tan to pale lilac cream with powdery veil remnants on margin. Flesh lilac streaked with cream. Stipe 95-135mm long, 7-12mm wide at apex, hollow, dull purple, covered in layer of abundant white veil material, forming chevrons at times. Odor raphinoid. Lamellae light chocolate brown with undulating gill edges. Habitat Spruce, fir, hemlock and betula in area.

ITS Sequence Notes:
The barcode is a 100% match to Genbank reference KX964339 the neotype for Cortinarius evernius as published in “Cortinarius section Bicolores and section Saturnini (Basidiomycota, Agaricales), a morphogentic overview of European and North American species” by K. Liimatainen, X.Carteret, et al (2017).

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