Cortinarius caput-medusae (AKFF-115-14)

Cortinarius caput-medusae H. Lindstr., Cortinarius. Flora photographica 4: 20 (1998) 
Collection date: 27-Aug-2014
Location: Crescent Lake Trail, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Collector: Noah Siegel


Pileus: Brown with some olive tones and virgate streaks when young. Stipe: Pink staining on lower stipe. Odor slight radish/earthy, taste mild. Growing under birch, aspen and spruce.

ITS> Sequence is a 100% match (639 BP) to HQ845170 which was listed as being from type material by T. Niskanen, I. Kytovuori and K. Liimatainen in “Cortinarius sect. Armillati in northern Europe”, Mycologia 103 (5), 1080-1101 (2011)

Comment: Per Niskanen, et al. (2008) – Cortinarius caput-medusae is a Telamonia in the section Brunneotincti (M.M. Moser).  The section is characterized by innately fibrillose caps that may appear silky shiny and olivaceous tints overall.  Universal veils are brownish-yellow to reddish. Other species in this section include C.crticius, C. heterocyclus, C. fillioni, C. valgus and C. raphanoides.  C. caput-medusae is closest to C. heterocyclus (forming one group).

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