Cortinarius davemallochii

 Cortinarius davemallochii, Ammirati, Niskanen & Liimat., Index Fungorum 196: 2 (2014)

Location: Girdwood, Alaska.
Habitat:  Scattered in sphagnum bog, with Dwarf Birch.
Collection Date: Aug 26th, 2014  
Collector: Noah Siegel
Collection ID: NS1876

Pileus: 20-32 mm across, dingy dark orange brown to dark brown.
Gills: Pale olive. Flesh: dark. Stipe: 40-52 mm long, 2-5 mm thick, with dark appressed cortina remnants and pale yellow-olive basal mycelium. Odor/Taste: No odor, taste indistinct.

ITS Analysis: 100% match with 96% cover to NR131847 – Cortinarius davemallochii from Type Material, submitted by the authors of the Index Fungorum publication.

Comment:  Subgenus Dermocybe. Ammirati, Niskanen & Liimat. (2014) note that it is “wide-spread, to date known from Europe and Western and Eastern North America”.

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