Cortinarius luteicolor

Cortinarius luteicolor (A.H. Smith) Ammirati, Bojantchev, Niskanen & Liimat., Persoonia 33: 126 (2014)
Collection date: 20 October, 2018
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: Buck Creek Foray. Forest Road NF 7160 near Mt Rainier, WA
Habitat: Mature forest with old growth component. Western hemlock, true fir and Douglas fir.


Pileus: 34-80mm across.  Olive yellow with layer of fine darker fibrils.  Flesh: Cream to creamy yellow Lamellae: Yellow to olive. Cortina: Heavy, white cortina. Stipe: 54-80mm long, pale yellow.  11-22mm wide at apex, bulbous with a width of 20-36mm. KOH: Cap brick-red, stipe base pink.


ITS 100% match with 88% query cover to Cortinarius luteicolor MICH 10389 ITS region; from TYPE material Sequence ID: NR_153016.1. This was published in (2014) “The largest type study of Agaricales species to date: bringing identification and nomenclature of Phlegmacium (Cortinarius) into the DNA era.” It is in section Calochroi subsection Laeticolores.

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