Cortinarius balteatus (SDA293)

Cortinarius balteatus (Fr.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 257 (1838)
Collection date: 25 August, 2018
Collectors: Shannon Adams & Noah Siegel
Location: Girdwood, Alaska, USA
Habitat: Mountain hemlock, Spruce, Western hemlock


Pileus: 61-116mm across.  Cap incurved into maturity.  Lilac cap edge in all specimens. Cap colors variable – from lilac when young to tan with lilac margin in mature specimens to yellow-ochre with very slight lilac margin on others. Viscid to dry depending on age and conditions.  Flesh: White, uniformly dense. Lamellae: White when young to cream. Tan when mature. Cortina: White. Stipe: 93-155mm long and 16-37mm at cap apex.White, dry. Equal to clavate.


Sequence is a 100% match to KF732448.1 Cortinarius subopimus type and 99% match (581 out of 582 bases) to KF732262.1 the Cortinarius balteatus (neotype). These species were synonymized in the 2014 Phlegmacium type studies paper.

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