Cortinarius fructuodorus

Cortinarius fructuodorus Niskanen, Liimat. & Ammirati, Botany 91: 483 (2013)


Pileus: 40-90 mm across, dry, convex to plane with a broad umbo, slightly hygrophanous, mottled pale grey-brown to light brown with darker watery streaks and darker brown tones towards margin when wet. Gills: Light cinnamon-brown to vinaceous-brown in young specimen. Stipe: 55-95 mm long, 12-15 mm at apex, clavate, whitish at first, later streaked light brown, copious white veil remnants may sheath the lower half. Flesh: mottled light brown and cream, vinaceous brown tones in young specimen. Odor: Fruity, pear-like, similar to Cortinarius traganus.


Cortinarius fructuodorus is a Telamonia described from the Pacific Northwest in 2013 (Liimatainen et al. 2020). It occurs in conifer forests in Washington State – with Tsuga and Pseudotsuga (one closely related collection was made in CA). In WA, Cortinarius fructuodorus fruits in fall; October at higher elevations, into November around Puget Sound.


Cortinarius fructuodorus is best recognized by the Cortinarius traganus-like fruity pear odor for which it is named, overall brown (or slightly purple-brown tones) and spores in the range of 8.5-10 x 5.0-6.0 microns. This species is one of several larger pale Telamonia in our region which need further study.


The sequence is one base pair match to the HOLOTYPE NR131827, and almost identical to KC608582 discussed in the paper (Niskanen, Liimatainen, and Ammirati 2013). It is highly similar to a CA collection which has two distinct base differences (MT935066.1). The species description reports that C.fructuodorus has three intragenomic polymorphism sites which could be examined for better comparison.

>SDA781 C.fructuodorus


Niskanen, Tuula, Kare Liimatainen, and Joseph F. Ammirati, “Five New Telamonia Species ( Cortinarius , Agaricales) from Western North America,” Botany 91, no. 7 (July 2013): 478–85,

Kare Liimatainen et al., “Mission Impossible Completed: Unlocking the Nomenclature of the Largest and Most Complicated Subgenus of Cortinarius, Telamonia,” Fungal Diversity, September 8, 2020,

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