Cortinarius napus (SDA 02B / NS1957)

Cortinarius napus, Fr., Epicr. syst. mycol. (Upsaliae): 263 (1838)    

Collection date: 1st October 2016
Collector: Shannon Adams / Noah Siegel
Location: Deering Rd, just south of Island Rd, near Port Renfrew, BC, Canada


Pileus: 40-100mm across, convex to broadly convex, margin inrolled when young, becoming downcurved in age. Surface smooth and viscid, foxy or chestnut brown, darker brown at the center of the disk with fine scales at transition from disk to cap margin. Lamellae: Adnexed to shallowly adnexed, close, narrow. Pallid to clay colored when young, unchanging. Stipe: 77-130mm long, 16-19 mm thick at apex, bulbous, with an abrupt bulb margin. Surface dry, with sparse pale cortina fibrils and white striations. Off-white to white when young, soon developing some yellow, to brown marks in age. Flesh: Thick, firm, white to off-white with some yellow-brown marks in age. Spores: Citriform to amygdaloid, 8-11 m by 5-7 Odor: Unknown. Taste: Not sampled. KOH: Unknown.

An almost perfect (650/651) match to the Type for Cortinarius napus = Cortinarius subpurpureophyllus as published in:
Liimatainen, K., T. Niskanen, B. Dima, I. Kytövuori, J.F. Ammirati, and T.G. Frøslev. “The Largest Type Study of Agaricales Species to Date: Bringing Identification and Nomenclature of Phlegmacium (Cortinarius) into the DNA Era.” Persoonia : Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi 33 (December 2014): 98–140.

Collection Sequence: MG970355 on Genbank
Type Sequence: NR_157966.1

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