Cortinarius aff. rubicundulus (SDA 068)

Cortinarius aff. rubicundulus (East Coast species)

Collection date: 13th August 2017
Collectors: Noah Siegel & Shannon Adams
Location: Gale Road, Arthur Iversen Conservation Area, Warwick. Franklin County.  MA
Habitat: Mixed woods, mostly Tsuga canadensis and Pinus strobus, with scattered Fagus grandifolia, Quercus rubra, and Acer rubrum.

Pileus: 16-37mm across, convex to broadly convex, margin inrolled when young, becoming downcurved, and undulating in age. Surface dry to subviscid, margin with scattered cortina fibrils when young, becoming innately appressed-fibrillose in age, Straw-yellow to ochre brown, with orange-brown tones and stains, quickly staining yellow when bruised, slowly darkening to ochre-orange to red-brown. Lamellae: Adnate to shallowly adnexed, close, narrow. Tan when young, soon developing yellow tones, and yellowish to ochre-red spots and stains. Staining yellow when bruised, slowly darkening to ochre-red. Stipe: 26-41 mm long, 6-9 mm thick at apex, clavate, with a swollen base, 10-22 mm across. Surface dry, with sparse cortina fibrils and appressed fibrils, apex pruinose, base with white tomentum. Off-white to cream when young, soon developing yellowish tones, to ochre-brown in age. Bruising yellow quickly, then slowly darkening to ochre-orange to ochre-brown. Flesh: Thin to moderately thick, firm, creamy tan with some yellow tones near surface, staining yellow, then ochre-orange when cut. Stipe fleshy-fibrous, straw-yellow lightly mottled with tan, ochre and cream, quickly staining yellow, then slowly darkening to ochre-orange to ochre-brown in base, and near exterior. Odor: Unknown. Taste: Not sampled. KOH: Unknown.

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