Cortinarius saxamontanus

Cortinarius saxamontanus Fogel, Mycologia 86 (6): 798 (1995)

Collection date: 26 May 2018
Collector: Shannon Adams
Location: Pipe Creek Snow park – NF141, Blewett Pass, Kittitas County, WA, USA
Habitat: Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine


Pileus: Dry, margin inrolled. 48-65mm across, dingy yellow at cap margins to ochre at center of disk. Overall, strong yellowish appearance. Cortina: Heavy cortina with abundant cinnamon brown spore deposits in band on stipe and sheets of velar material remaining on cap margin. Flesh: Creamy white when first cut, changing to lilac and then persistent lilac tint. Lamellae: Creamy yellow to red ochre. Stipe: Dry, yellow to bronze. 40-48mm long and 17-22mm wide at apex, widening to 30mm at basal bulb in some specimens. Equal to bulbous. Where basal bulb exists, it is rimmed and narrows to a rounded or turnip shape.


Reference Sequence: 100% match to GenBank: EU057026.1 – a collection identification determined by Fogel. The sequence was published in the following paper:

  • Garnica,S., Weiss,M., Oertel,B., Ammirati,J. and Oberwinkler,F. “Phylogenetic relationships in Cortinarius, section Calochroi, inferred from nuclear DNA sequences.” Journal BMC Evolutionary Biology 9, 1 (2009)

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