Cortinarius boulderensis

Cortinarius boulderensis (Cortinarius boulderensis A.H. Sm., Lloydia 7 (3): 206 (1944) [MB#285705]

Cortinarius boulderensis is a small and slender mushroom, notable for its vinaceous brown tones and bright cinnamon-orange annular band. It is in Section Telamonia.

Placement in Telamonia sensu strictu by Soop, Dima, Cooper et al. “A Phylogenetic approach to a global supraspecific taxonomy of Cortinarius with an emphasis on the southern mycota.
Branches showing C.boulderensis in relation to some other Telamonia sections circa 2011. Work in Telamonia is ongoing and we are hoping to have a lot more information on these sections in the next couple of years.

Description of Cortinarius boulderensis:
Cap 16-40 mm across, warm sepia, reddish brown to violaceous brown, with pale, sometimes plicate margin, surface moist, silky when dry  universal veil cinnamon-orange (Smith describes it as testaceous (a reddish-yellow or brownish color, like baked pottery or brick), gills lilac to grey when young, browning to cinnamon, stipe slender, fragile, base hollow, clavate, with distinctively colored orange annular band (or bands) 30-60 mm long and 3-5 mm wide at apex, flesh pale lilac grey above to brown below, KOH rx brown.

NS 4587 The Dalles CG, WA

ITS Analysis: NS4587 – The Dalles CG, WA State. 100% match to Type DQ499466.1

>NS4587 Cortinarius boulderensis (AH Smith)


Niskanen, T. et al., “Cortinarius sect. Armillati in northern Europe”, Mycologia, 103(5), 2011, pp. 1080–1101

Smith, Alexander H. “New and Interesting Cortinarii from North America.” Lloydia 7 (September 1944): 163–235.

Soop, K., B. Dima, J.A. Cooper, D. Park, and B. Oertel. “A Phylogenetic Approach to a Global Supraspecific Taxonomy of Cortinarius ( Agaricales ) with an Emphasis on the Southern Mycota.” Persoonia – Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi 42, no. 1 (July 19, 2019): 261–90.

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