Cortinarius boulderensis

Cortinarius boulderensis (Cortinarius boulderensis A.H. Sm., Lloydia 7 (3): 206 (1944) [MB#285705] Discussion:Cortinarius boulderensis is a small and slender mushroom, notable for its vinaceous brown tones and bright cinnamon-orange annular band. It is in Section Telamonia. Placement in Telamonia sensu strictu by Soop, Dima, Cooper et al. "A Phylogenetic approach to a global supraspecific taxonomy... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius bivelus

Cortinarius bivelus (Fr.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 292 (1838) Location: Crescent Lake Trail, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Habitat: Growing under birch with aspen and spruce nearby. Collection Date: 27th August, 2014Collector: Noah SiegelCollection Reference: AKFF-116-14 Description:Pileus: Beige to light brown streaked. Gills: clay to warm-tan colored. Cortina: thick white partial veil. Taste/Odor: no odor, sweet taste. ITS:This... Continue Reading →

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