Cortinarius substriatus

Cortinarius substriatus Kauffman, North American Flora 10 (5): 307 (1932)
Collection(s) sequenced: SDA 393 – Pierce County, WA. October 2019; SDA 05B Vancouver Island, October 2016. Shannon Adams


Pileus: 38-52 mm across, conic, conic-campanulate to convex, viscid to dry, brown to vinaceous grey-brown, when dry – coated with fine whitish innate fibrils, white cap margin. Stipe: 60-86 mm long, 9-12 mm wide at apex, clavate or ventricose, somewhat uneven, , sheathed with white veil, grey tones at stipe apex. Flesh: White, stuffed with less dense spongy tissue. Lamellae: Pallid at first, then light cinnamon to cinnamon brown. Cortina: Abundant, white, abundant. KOH: Dark brown on cap, hyaline on stipe. Habitat: Mixed conifer forest of hemlock, Douglas fir and true fir.

As described in: Kauffman, C.H: North American Flora (1932)

“Cortinarius substriatus C.H. Kauffman sp.nov
Pileus subfleshy, broadly conic-campanulate, 3-7cm broad, surface viscid, glabrous, at first Natal-brown (R), becoming Mikado-brown (R) with a slight
purplish tint, fading, striate at times on the thin margin; lamellae adnate, rounded behind, moderately broad, ventricose, close to crowded, not reaching the margin of pileus, at first tinged violaceus-purple, at length cinnamon; stipe elongate, tapering from the base to the apex, 8-12 cm. long, 6-8 mm. thick above, twice as thick at the base, dry, stuffed, at first clothed by a very thin, white, evanescent sheath, then subfibrillose, at first distincly violaceous-purple at the apex, soon fading to pallid, rather slender, spores narrowly ellipsoid, smooth, 9-10 x 5-6 microns, pale-ochraceous under the microscope.”

SDA 05B Cortinarius substriatus from Vancouver Island, BC

There are several Telamonia which have vinaceous brown tones and conic to campanulate caps. They are often described as section Biformes or Saturnini. While I am unsure of the placement of this species, those interested in these sections might like to read Liimatainen, Kare, X. Carteret, B. Dima, et al “Cortinarius Section Bicolores and Section Saturnini, a Morphogenetic Overview of European and North American Species,” (2017)

Sequence of SDA 393 (matches SDA 05B) are a 99.74% match (3 base pairs out of 1166) to FJ717530 (field identification of C.subpurpureus – barcode determined by Liimatainen as C.substriatus.).

SDA393 – 18444274 – Cortinarius substriatus – US – WA

Sequenced by Matt Gordon with support from the Daniel E. Stuntz Foundation.

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