Cortinarius oliveopetasatus

Cortinarius oliveopetasatus is one of a few olive, yellow-brown phlegmaciod Cortinarius in the Sulfurini lineage (in Section Calochroi). It should be differentiated from C.luteicolor and C.subsulfurinus.

Cortinarius metarius

Cortinarius metarius Kauffman, Pap. Mich. Acad. Sci. 1: 137 (1921)Synonym: Cortinarius barbarorum (Source: Liimatainen et. al. 2014) Description:Cap 45-100 mm across, convex to nearly plane, glutinous, golden yellow, aging ochraceus yellow, disc with brownish veil squamules. Gills adnexed, close to crowded, 4-8 mm deep, pale lilac to lilac when young, to lilac gray, developing grayish brown tones when mature. Stipe 75-110... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius elegantio-occidentalis

Cortinarius elegantio-occidentalis Garnica & Ammirati: 13 + Additional file 3: 23 (2011) Description:Cap 40 - 150 mm wide, smooth to radially fibrillose, yellow-ochre, olive-yellow to yellow-brown in age, edge and disc lighter (yellow to buff) viscid at first, then dry, gills pale yellow to olive then ochre brown when mature, stipe bulbous, 55 - 100... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius olympianus

Cortinarius olympianus A.H. Sm., Contributions from the University of Michigan Herbarium 2: 13 (1939 DescriptionCap 30-65 mm wide, glutinous, convex and flat profile, without umbo, margin persistently inrolled, pale violet to lilac, deeper lilac at margin, pale lilac grey to tan to almost white at center of the disc when dry (purple tones return when... Continue Reading →

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