Cortinarius pholideus

Cortinarius pholideus (Lilj.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 282 (1838)

Collection location: Primrose Campground, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.
Habitat: Growing under birch.
Collection Date: 26th August, 2014    
Collector: Noah Siegel
Collection number: AKFF-051-14

Cap: 33-60 mm across, dry, scaly brown. Stipe: scaly to cortina, smooth above. Gills: Beige to tan. Odor/Taste: No odor, taste mild.

Sequence is a 99% match (720/722) to AY669694.1 – a Cortinarius pholideus sequence posted in Garnica et al. (2015), A framework for a phylogenetic classification in the genus Cortinarius (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) derived from morphological and molecular data, Can. J. Bot. 83, 1457-1477.  The same sequence was referenced in later papers.

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