Calonarius aglaeus

Calonarius aglaeus is in subgenus Fulvi, section Splendentes (Liimatainen et al. 2022). The yellow-brown cap colors and bright gills and stipe are key featu

Cortinarius aff. atrosquamosus

Recent work on Cortinarius section Leprocybe (Ammirati et al, 2020) has described many new species and given us new insight on the diversity of North American species. One of these is Cortinarius arosquamosus, discussed here.

Cortinarius albescens

Cortinarius albescens A.H. Sm., Lloydia 7 (3): 180 (1944) [MB#285690] Description:Cap 25-90 mm across, at first convex with broad umbo, spreading to plane, glutinous, variable in color from violaceous grey, buff, drab, cream to yellow-ochre on disc, cortina white, gills lavender, grayish-lavender, grey to cinnamon-brown, lavender tones may persist, stipe 50 - 120 mm long, 6 - 14 mm wide at... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius calyptratus

Cortinarius calyptratus A.H. Sm. (1939)Collection date: 20th October, 2018Collector: Shannon AdamsCollection ID: SDA 401Location: Buck Creek, Mt Rainier, WAHabitat: Mature forest with old growth component.Western Hemlock, fir and Douglas Fir. Description: Pileus: 39-60mm wide, purple-grey to brown tones, appressed fibrillose, covered in patches of lavender-grey veil tissue.  Flesh: light-yellow in cap and bulb and blue-lilac under... Continue Reading →

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