Calonarius aglaeus

Calonarius aglaeus is in subgenus Fulvi, section Splendentes (Liimatainen et al. 2022). The yellow-brown cap colors and bright gills and stipe are key featu

Calonarius flavipavonius

Calonarius flavipavonius S.D. Adams, Bojantchev, N. Siegel, Liimat. & Niskanen (2023) Reference: Index Fungorum 535 Description Pileus 30–150 (–200) mm broad, convex to broadly convex, margin inrolled when young, remaining persistently down-curved through development, plane to uplifted and often undulating in age; surface viscid, glabrous; colors variable, rosy brown to rusty red-brown over disc to... Continue Reading →

Cortinarius elotoides

Cortinarius elotoides  M.M. Moser & McKnight, Mycotaxon 55: 311 (1995) Calonarius elotoides (M.M. Moser & McKnight) Niskanen & Liimat., Fungal Diversity 112: 130 (2022) [MB#554412] Description: Cap: Inately fibrillose, glutinous, yellow-green, to yellow-brown 39-87 mm across, with adhering soil, and sometimes white disc patches when young. Stipe: 44-62 mm long, 12-20 mm thick at apex,... Continue Reading →

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